Incredibles Pornography Story: Mom’s enjoy – Part 1

Incredibles Pornography Story: Mom’s enjoy – Part 1

Violet was sitting in her room when her mother Helen called her down to the living room.

“Sit down, Vi, Your father and brothers have gone out for an hour and I want to talk.” Violet was worried.
“I’m not in trouble, am I mom?”
“Trouble?” Helen burst out laughing. “Hell no. After you went out last night, Your “Boyfriend” Joesph came around shouting.” Violet was at ease. “Ha! Joesph’s not my boyfriend anymore.”

“I know,” Began Helen. “That was one of the things he was shouting. “What are these texts about, Vi? You’re tired of boys?” Ha!” Violet was nervous again. She didn’t want her mother knowing about how she wanted to experiment.

“So I got curious,” She went on. “I had a look at your internet history.”

Violet was seriously worried now.

“Relax, Vi. You’re shaking. I just want to…… talk. When I was your age I was very curious. But I never got to. I met your father and fell in love. I forgot my fantasies.” Violet was startled. Was her mother talking to her about sex?
“I’ve never made love to another woman.” She said.

Violet was still nervous. “What did you find in my internet history mom?” “Shh, Violet. We’ll get to that in a minute.”
Violet felt a shiver up her spine. Her mother was talking to her about lesbian sex……… It felt so wrong, but if Helen knew what violet wanted……. It would be a very good evening indeed.

“And you know Vi, you always seemed so beautiful. more so now than ever. I always thought your boyfriends were assholes. Trust me, I know what sex at your age is like. You’re only 17. Those boys can’t satisfy you. Am I right?

Violet nodded. She was surprised. She didn’t know her mother was into sex at her age. Helen was wearing a dressing gown. “Please, mom.” Said Violet. “I’m not sure I’m comfortable witth seeing you naked. No offense.”

“See me naked?” Helen was laughing. “Oh no. You won’t see me naked. Not yet.” Helen’s voice was seductive, crawling up violet’s skin and putting filthy thoughts into her head. “I know what you want, Vi.” Continued her mother. “And I can give it to you……”

With this, Vi forgot that Helen was her mother. Helen stood up out of her leather armchair and removed her dressing gown.

What Violet saw was her mother’s fit figure, skinny and lightly tanned. Not naked, but better. Her mother was wearing a pair of yellow leather high heels. A pink satin bra. And matching panties. She couldn’t believe it. “Awahwaha….” Was the only noise that escaped her gaping mouth.

“Do you like it? I thought it was a bit…. well, cheap. I have a massive collection of lingerie upstairs. Anytime you want to see….. Cat got your tongue? Aww! I’m flattered! I didn’t think you would be that impressed. I saw your history…… Bra Fetish, panty love, lingerie world….. I tell you Vi, before long, we’re going to have to get you your first leather bikini. Would you like that?

Violet had gotten over her shyness and now had a look on her face that showed her for the wild sex tiger she was. “Trust me mom. I’m just dreaming right now about how I could lick…… how I could caress your bra. How I would worship your Killer high heels, How I would suck them, and lick them clean, even if you walked through shit.”

“Ooooh! listen to you, talking so dirty, like the naughty little bitch you are! I’m going to punish you! Let’s go to my collection…..”


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