Incredibles Pornography Story: Heroes/Incredibles: Heroines Part Six – Secrets And Truths

Incredibles Pornography Story: Heroes/Incredibles: Heroines Part Six – Secrets And Truths

There were many advantages to having a body that would stretch like elastic, such as being able to vacuum upstairs whilst watching your favourite soap downstairs and scratching the itch in the small of your back which was inaccessible to normal humans. Helen Parr gave a little stretch and fake yawn as she walked down the street with her daughter. By the time her arm slipped back down to rest lightly on Vi’s shoulders the excess fat from her thighs had miraculously vanished, or perhaps not as her tits were straining against the material of her T-shirt more tightly than they had a moment before. Yes, thought Helen, there were many advantages to having a body like elastic; not least of which was its ability to help her pleasure her daughter.

“What a slut,” Vi giggled as she paused and gestured at two bodies in the alleyway they had been passing, a twentysomething blonde was leaning against the wall. Her thighs were obscuring the face of the woman kneeling in front of her, but not what they were doing. And if the kneeling woman’s position and movements hadn’t given it away, the passionate moans from the blonde would have done. Vi hand brushed against her Mom’s butt cheeks as they continued to watch. Helen felt her libido rising as Vi’s touch and the show in front combined to make her heart beat faster and her temperature increase. Vi’s hand touched her Mom’s ass again. She was obviously feeling the same way as Helen as she giggled and leant in to murmur, “Lucky you have that room or I don’t think I could wait until we get home… It’d be us in there with my pants down and your Milfy head between my legs.”

The thought of tonguing her daughters slick slot always made Helen hot, even if the lustful feeling was slightly tempered by the reluctance of doing it in public. She giggled and then gave a squeak as Vi’s brushing motion turned into a sexy pinch of her butt. She turned and looked down at Vi, the beautiful teen was looking especially seductive with her long dark hair seeming to glint in the moonlight and her tight Dying Purple T-shirt clinging sultrily to her body. Helen felt her pussy tingle, it seemed to be dampening without a touch, and her heart beat a pitter-patter rhythm in her chest. Helen grinned, “In that case we better get to that hotel room quickly.”

She gripped Vi’s hand and the two of them scurried down the street. It must have been raining earlier as the sidewalk was wet, with puddles in the gutter or where the sidewalk buckled. The moon shone down glinting in the small pools, its romantic hues bouncing from the water and shining against Vi’s dark frame; it made her look like a vampire in some romantic fiction; dark, alluring and sensual. Helen smiled as she briefly imagined the teen as demon seductress, with the Milf as her willing victim. She loved Vi so much sometimes, that it hurt. And it was no longer as a daughter that she saw the teen, but as a lover and sexual soulmate. Tomorrow, she would have to tell her about Mirage, but for tonight – for tonight she intended to lie back and be fucked so hard it would hurt.

* * *

It was a much more salubrious hotel than Vi was expecting. When her Mom had told her she’d booked a room for the night, Vi was expecting a Motel. Perhaps not a flea-bitten motel which charged for rooms by the hour, but certainly not an expensive hotel with a Bellhop who nodded politely and raised his arm in greeting as they entered, nor one where the receptionist wore a uniform and smiled as they went to the counter.

“Vi and Helen Parr,” Helen said to the receptionist. Vi wondered if there was any symbolism in her name being mentioned first, was it politeness or was it that her Mom was moving more and more away from seeing her as a daughter and more and more as a top in their relationship. Vi wasn’t sure, but as she looked at her Mom signing them in she was sure of one thing – Helen Parr was a fuckable Milf.

“Room Five three four, Your bags have already been taken up” the receptionist said. This surprised Vi who wasn’t aware she had any bags. Helen must have secretly packed them and dropped them off when she was parking the car; it did explain why she had taken so long to find a parking space. Helen must have seen Vi’s expression, as she winked and smiled. The receptionist looked at her PC screen again, quickly assimilating what was on it and regurgitating it with a glamorous smile, “The complimentary champagne is on ice.”

“Champagne?” Vi asked, trying to appear cross at her Mom’s extravagance. She didn’t succeed at all in this endeavour, as her hand seemed to have a mind of its own and moved to stroke Helen’s tight butt.

The Milf tittered, whether at the touch of her daughter or the fake sterness in Vi’s voice was unclear, “Aren’t we naughty? Splashing out after an evening’s fun.”

She swung herself round so that she was facing Vi and held out her hands. Vi couldn’t feel angry with the sexy Milf for long, she took Helen’s hand and allowed herself to be gently swung in a circle, her feet swiftly skimming the ground until they were where they’d started. Vi drew Helen towards her, so close that the Milf’s chest was pressed against her. Vi looked up into her Mom’s eyes and smiled, “You are very naughty, and you know what happens to naughty sluts?”

“I’m hoping they get their butts banged,” giggled Helen.

“They do, very hard,” breathed Vi. She led her Mom into the lift and waited for the doors to close.

As soon as the doors closed Vi dragged Helen towards her. The Milf bent over and she came so that her lips clamped down hard on Vi’s upturned mouth. Vi stuck her tongue in hard and deep, clamping down on Helen’s own tongue controllingly. At the same time her hands were clawing at the Milf’s back, pulling the T-shirt out of the jeans and sliding her hands beneath it. The teen ran her palms and fingers over Helen’s flesh, digging the nails into Helen and scraping them along to leave little red lines in the skin. There was a ring as the lift stopped and the doors opened.

Vi quickly let go, “Our floor I think,” she winked at the Milf.

Helen giggled and exited the lift, pulling the key of her pocket. It slid easily into the lock and the door opened without any problem, but that didn’t stop Vi moving behind and squeezing the Milf’s cheeks, whilst nuzzling her face into the middle of her Mom’s back. Helen giggled some more and led the way inside.

It wasn’t a room, it was a palace. It fitted not only a large and luxurious four-poster bed, but also a sofa, a large rug and a wardrobe. Off to the side was the bathroom, and to the front was a balcony looking out over the city. As promised the champagne was on ice, whilst a small suitcase sat on the bed. Helen hurried in and picked up the suitcase, she looked over her shoulder, giving Vi a smouldering look that promised much, “Why don’t you open the champers? I’m just going to change… into something more comfortable.”

Vi grinned, “If by comfortable you mean dress like you’re a sexy whore ready for a fuck, I’m for it.”

“That’s exactly what I mean,” laughed Helen as she took the suitcase into the bathroom.

The door shut behind her.

Vi went to the sofa and sat down. She took off her jacket and dropped it over the edge of the couch, before kicking off her pumps. She debated whether to get further undressed, before deciding not to; it would be much more fun for her Mom to undress her. She crossed her legs and waited; impatiently.

After what seemed an age the bathroom door reopened and Helen Parr stepped out. Vi whistled, it hadn’t seemed so at the time, but looking at the sexy Milf emerging was worth the wait. Helen had used her trip to bathroom to touch up her make-up, her blusher and eyeliner making her face seem fresher and more alive, the red lipstick accenting the sensual shape of her mouth. She also shaved, there had been a slight hint of stubble round her pussy, but that was now gone leaving the Milf’s flesh as smooth as ice. But what really worked for Vi was what her Mom was wearing, or rather given the lack of it, what she wasn’t. Helen was still wearing a pair of high heel ankle length boots and round her waist was a blue silk suspender belt and that was it; not another stitch of clothing covered her body.

“Damn, you look hot,” said Vi, her eyes following the sexy Milf as she sauntered seductively towards her.

“Hot and horny,” confirmed Helen as she sat down on the sofa, next to her daughter so that they were touching. The Milf licked her lips, her tongue lightly and slowly moving over them in a sensual gesture, “Very hot and horny.”

Pop! The cork flew out and the champagne fizzed. Vi reached across to pour it into two glasses, before passing one to her Mom and raising the other in a toast, “Here’s to hot Moms.”

“And sexy daughters,” smiled Helen as clinked her glass with Vi’s.

The champagne sizzled on Vi’s tongue as she drank it down, the bubbles popping inside her mouth and lighting her taste buds. She looked at her Mom, the sexy Milf was giving a half-smile as she raised her glass, the expression one promising sensual delights and tittilating encounters. Vi slid her half drank champagne onto the table beside her and patted her legs, “Come here your gorgeous slut.”

Helen took another sip of her champagne and giggled as the effervescent liquid bubbled down her throat. She stood up, holding the glass delicately, before sitting down on Vi’s legs, straddling the teen’s lap and rubbing Mom pussy over Vi’s denim clad thighs. She stretched, pushing her titties towards Vi’s face. They bounced invitingly, the Milf having expanded them a couple of cup sizes more than their normal state. Vi wasn’t one to refuse such a delicious pair of mammaries and brought her teeth down lightly onto the nipple. She pushed her tongue out between them, probing at the teat at the same time as she pulled back with her teeth. She opened her mouth and let the nipple spring back into place. Helen’s eyes closed and she murmured, “Oh that’s it baby.”

Switching to the other nipple, Vi took the tit in her mouth and chewed lightly down. Purrs of satisfaction slipped from Helen’s mouth as her daughter’s teeth nipped lightly down. Vi bit a little harder and brought her head back, the teat still clamped between her teeth. The tit stretched out, until Vi let go. It shot back, the nipple quivering and vibrating with the bite marks still visible. Helen groaned again and opened her eyes. She looked at Vi, her red lips half-opened, revealing white teeth and a darting sexual tongue, “Now let’s get that T-shirt off…” Helen grinned.

There was no resistance from Vi as her Mom slid off the T-shirt. The Milf whirled it round her head like a lasso before throwing it into the corner of the room. Unlike her Mom’s large pair, Vi’s titties were small, but firm and perfectly shaped. The Milf scrabbled with the bra, so that she could get her hands on them. The thin strip of material didn’t proof much of an obstacle, for a second it was held delicately between Helen’s fingers before dropping to the floor. She reached forward, taking her daughter’s tits in her hands and squeezing them tightly and lovingly, “Vi Parr, you have the nicest titties imaginable…”

“I take after my Mom in having a gorgeous pair,” countered Vi. She brought her hands up and took hold off the back of her Mom’s neck, pulling her downwards. Their mouths touched at roughly the same moment as their titties collided, Helen’s larger ones bouncing and pushing into Vi’s teen tits. Vi opened her mouth and pushed her tongue up and forward. It slid into Helen’s open mouth, pressing against Helen’s own tongue and starting to flick around, swishing through the saliva. The teen moved one hand to the top of Helen’s back, running her hand over the arched spine and the smooth flesh around it. The other, she moved, to her Mom’s head and ran her fingers through the silky soft hair, mussing it as she sifted the locks apart.

The slurping of the two women grew louder and more intense as Helen undid her daughter’s jeans. She pulled them a little, not far, but far enough to slide a couple of fingers in. The Milf paused briefly as she touched the sexy thong she had bought Vi for Christmas, but it was only a brief pause before she pushed aside the silky material and slid two fingers into Vi’s slit. The cunt was already damp and as Helen began to slowly move it started to get wetter. She probed at the warm, wet walls and pushed her tips into the hard clit. Vi broke the kiss and raised her heads skywards, her eyes fluttering in excitement, “That’s it, finger fuck my tight cunt, finger me until I cum.”

Harder and harder Helen fucked her daughter, slamming her fingers into the teen’s cunt and up against her bud. Vi gasped and groaned, rivulets of sweat appearing on her brow as her face flushed red. Helen leant forward and began to nuzzle at Vi’s neck, her mouth sucking and gently gnawing the teen’s throat, adding another sexual sensation to the already overloading Vi. The teen shrieked again in pleasure, “Oh you dirty slutty cunt, that’s it, that’s it… I want you to finger my pussy, finger fuck me you dirty, whorey slut.”

The Milf’s tits ground into Vi as Helen wrist ratcheted back and forth. Her finger drove deep and shot back before slamming down so much like a tennis volley between professionals. Vi’s twat was leaking, the cum trickling out and soaking against her thong. Helen pushed harder, her fingers slipping through the juice, but with each thrust pumping more out. It soaked Helen’s fingers and its sweet aroma assailed her nostrils. Helen continued to drive down, as Vi began to shake in passion, the teen’s screams becoming louder and higher pitched, “Oooohhh, fiiinnngggerr mmmmyyyyy cuuuunnnnttt, yooouuuu sluuuuutttt….”

Vi neck was bent so far it looked like she had picked up some of her Mom’s elasticity genes. Her mouth opened and she gave a loud scream, as her body shook and shivered as shots of orgasmic electricity burnt at her nerve endings, “Aaaaaarrrrgghhhh…. aaaarrrrghhhh….”

Breathing heavily Vi lent back into the couch. Helen withdrew her fingers and licked them clean of her daughter’s tasty cunt juice. She was still sucking them clean as Vi reached over to the table and picked up her Mom’s half-filled glass of champagne. Helen took one last seductive and slow lick of her finger before taking the glass. Vi picked up her own glass and raised it, “Cheers… to my sexy slut Mom.”

Giggling Helen took a sip of the drink, “I wouldn’t be a slut, if you weren’t so desirable,” she said.

“Touche,” admitted Vi and clinked the wineglass against Helen’s.

Draining her remaining drink Helen smiled, “Let me give you a massage.”

“I’m getting treated tonight,” Vi quickly finished her own champagne.

Helen got off Vi’s lap and stood back, allowing her daughter to admire her naked beauty before replying, “Can’t a woman spoil her lover?”

“Oh you can,” replied Vi as she shuffled out of her jeans and soaked thongs, “I’m certainly not complaining…”

“Hop on the bed sexy,” Helen blew her lover a kiss, bending over like she was Marilyn Monroe. She followed it with a lustful growl as a fully naked Vi lay face down on the bed. The teen flicked her long dark hair, so that it was under her body and spread her legs slightly, accentuating the sensual curve of her tight, teen butt.

Helen picked up some massage lotion, liberally squirting some onto her hand before clambering onto the bed after her daughter. Moving across she sat astride Vi’s thighs, her knees and calves pressed against the teen. Helen rubbed her hands briefly, before leaning forward and starting to massage the oil into Vi’s naked skin. Helen had leant massage as a young super heroine, using it to rub away the aches and sprains of the day’s clobbering from Bob Parr. But Helen was sure, that she had never been so aroused sliding her hands over Bob’s muscular frame as she was when she slid her palms over the lithe and slender frame of Vi.

“Mmmnnn, that’s nice,” murmured Vi, her voice full of contentment and so relaxed she sounded sleepy. Helen moved lower, sliding her palms over the teen’s lower back and onto her cute, sexy butt. Vi gave another contented sigh, shifting her body slightly as Helen rubbed her hands over her ass.

The Milf slithered down Vi’s legs. It was good that she had got Vi so relaxed and calm, but she didn’t want her falling asleep – not when Helen was looking forward to more fucking. Helen knew she needed to build on the pleasure of the massage, without tipping Vi over into slumber. Luckily she knew exactly what to do. She arched her back and stretched so her face was hovering over Vi’s ass crack. Slowly and gently Helen pried them apart so that the teen’s tight back hole was freely available. Helen’s tongue flicked out and touched the top of her daughter’s ass.

“That’s even nicer,” giggled Vi. She still sounded relaxed, but the edge of sleep had vanished from her voice; “Lick my ass, you dirty slut.”

Doing as she was told Helen lapped and licked at the hole, running her tongue over it – sometimes fast and sloppily, sometimes slow and seductively, sometimes pushing the tip into the hole and other times moving so gently she was hardly touching. Vi moaned lustfully, rubbing her pussy against the bedding so that it was soon soaked with her cum; “Lap it up,” laughed Vi, “you are such a whore.”

Helen’s tongue ran over the teen’s open ass hole, teasing and tickling. Helen knew she had to do more, but Vi wouldn’t want anything stuck to far down her butt, so that hole had been pleasured as much as Helen was able. Luckily, there was a very ready front hole that Helen was able to use. She slid her hands under Vi and lifted the teen’s midriff. Still holding her up Helen used her powers to stretch and twist her neck so her head was under Vi’s dripping pussy. She let go off Vi’s waist and the teen’s cunt dropped right into Helen’s open mouth.

“Oh yes,” gasped Vi as her Mom’s tongue punched up and into her twat. Helen had eaten Vi’s pussy enough times that she didn’t need to explore and instinctively her tongue found the right spot. Helen hammered the clit, loving the drip of girl cum into her mouth, where it slid down her tongue and sizzled on her tastebuds. She hit the spot again and again, her tongue driving the cute teen clitoris into frenzy. Vi was squeaking and gasping, grinding and driving her shaven slot against her Mom, “Yesss, yessss, yesssss,” squeaked the teen.

Helen lapped away as she was showered with Vi’s juice. It tasted so good, but even better was the knowledge of what Vi was feeling – that the teen was in a heaven of orgasms. Vi was shuddering as the Milf tongue raced inside her, draining her cunt of cum even as it was secreted. The teen bucked, bending her back upwards and shooting her head towards the ceiling so her hair whirled like it was alive. She shrieked “Ohhhhh yessssss…. Aaaaarrrrghhhhh…. I’m cuuuummmiiinnnnggggg.”

Helen licked the last bit of cum from her daughter’s pussy. She withdrew her head and returned to her almost normal shape, albeit keeping her extra-large titties for the moment. Vi’s breath was coming in pants as she recovered from the orgasm; she looked gorgeous, thought Helen, so alluring and fresh, like a garden after a storm. Slowly Vi rolled over onto her back, so she was looking up at her Mom. The teen grinned and said with emphasis, “Slut.”

Helen bent forward so her titties bounced for her teen daughter’s delight. She smiled “Yep.”

There was a laugh from Vi. She started to sit up, getting half-way and then leaning back on her elbows. The teen looked at her Mom’s naked body, obviously appreciating its beauty. Licking her lips seductively, the teen cocked her head to one side, “So did you bring a strap-on?”

“Of course,” Helen put mock effrontery into her voice, as if insulted that her daughter could even think she would have forgotten it.

“You want to go get it,” grinned Vi, “As I have a pining to fuck that sexy slut ass.”

Helen was off the bed so quickly that you’d have thought her special power was speed. Seconds later she returned with the strap on, it was one with a double end, one of which would be placed in Vi’s slit to stimulate her as she shoved the other end into her Mom. Vi took it gratefully, her quick eyes looking over the extra complexity; she would need to slide the straps almost to the top of her thighs, put the end into slit and then finish adjusting the strap.

It only took her a minute, but by that time Helen was back on the bed, her ankles twisted round the back of her necks so her ass and pussy were fully exposed. Slowly she winked at her daughter, “Come and get it baby…” she cooed softly.

Vi scrambled onto the bed and positioned herself over her Mom, one hand balancing beside her, the other gripping the dildo, “I so want to fuck you hard,” the teen murmured, as she began to lower herself, “I am going to fuck you until you break.”

Helen gave a moan of appreciation as the large prick entered her back passage. Vi was so good, so strong, so dominant . Vi slowly slid the dildo down Helen’s ass, not going too fast to start with, allowing the Milf’s ass to envelop the toy and crush it. Helen moaned as the toy brushed her ass’s main G-spot, sending waves of pleasure up her. She looked at Vi, the teen was grinning like a Cheshire Cat as she lifted herself and then plunged down again. Helen gasped again, “Oh, yes, baby. Fuck Mommy’s slutty ass.”

Vi slammed down, sending the dildo deep into Helen’s butt. The Milf gasped again. She began to tighten her hole, Vi would work for it. For a second the teen seemed surprised at the unexpected resistance, then she grinned and laughed, “You want me to open your ass like a whore’s legs?”

Helen nodded excitedly, “Ram my ass, I want you to fuck me so hard I’m screaming…”

Vi levered herself up. A drip of perspiration appeared on her brow. It dropped from her face as she did. The teen pull her full weight into the blow, using all the force she could muster. The cock ripped down her Mom’s chute like a knife in warm butter. Its ridges tore at the Milf’s orgasm spots and she screamed in excitement. The other end slammed hard into Vi’s own clit and the teen too gave a cry of excitement. She levered herself up again and paused, “I am so going to make your ass mincemeat,” she promised and slammed down.

Again the dildo pushed aside all resistance like a panzer blitzkrieg, a rush filled Helen as it raked down her and in so deep she almost feared it would come out the other end. Vi’s chest slammed down onto the Milf’s cunt, wobbling the lips and pushing into the flesh. When Vi pushed herself up there was a sliver of cum where she had hit pussy. Again she went down, slamming the cock deep into her Mom’s ass, “Yes,” cried the Milf in excitement, “I’m your anal slut… I want to be fucked…”

VI was getting into a rhythm, speedily, skilfully and powerful slipping the dildo into her Mom’s ass. Helen could have used her powers to keep her ass as tight as a Scotsman’s wallet, but instead she let it expand naturally. Each thrust opened her a little bit more and at the same time sent shivers of excitement racing through her. Her Milf pussy was so wet you could have bathed in it, especially as each time Vi came down she rubbed her toned tummy over the twat, so that she too was soaking. Harder and faster Vi rammed, the dildo hitting her clit hard as she did, “Yessss, yessss, I love fucking that slut ass of yours…”

The teen’s face was red and her breathing was heavy, she was struggling to control it with both the exertion and the pre-orgasmic rushes raking through her lithe body. But she tried not to let that distract her from heavily hammering Helen’s well-opened ass. The cock rammed in, rushing through the flesh to hit the anal G-spot and bury itself so deep it was like a mole rushing underground. Helen wailed in joy, “Oh God. Fuck me, fuck me.”

Slippery with sweat the teen and Milf were sliding against each other, their bodies mixed in one sliding, perspiring, orgasmic whole. Vi wasn’t taking any prisoners her toy ramming into Helen. The Milf could barely contain herself, screaming and gasping in pleasure. She was dimly aware that Vi was howling in excitement as well as the teen’s well hammered clit finally gave up and permitted itself to explode in an tremendous orgasm. Helen wiggled her toes behind her head and gripped Vi’s back, “Don’t stop, baby,” she pleaded, “Fuck me, fuck me.”

Vi pause was so temporary it had hardly been noticeable and when she restarted it was as if the orgasm had acted like a refreshing orange juice in the interval. She went in even harder and deeper, which Helen hadn’t even thought was possible. The dildo slammed in and over the G-spot. Helen opened her mouth and screamed in pleasure as the orgasm didn’t so much hit her as blow her away like standing next to an exploding atom bomb. It wrenched her from reality, twisted her atoms and returned them in a bubbling mess of excitement, “AAAAAarrrrrghhhhhhhh…..”

The teen pulled out and wiped her damp, sweat stained hair away from her face. She looked down at Helen and her mouth opened, first in shock, before transforming into a smile; “Stay there,” she called and scooted out of bed.

Reaching into her jeans pockets she pulled out her mobile. She pointed it at the Milf and clicked a photo. She jumped back onto the bed, “Look at this…”

She showed the photo she had just taken to the Milf. Helen gasped. She didn’t know her ass was so gaping, in fact she didn’t know it could open so far – even with her powers. The hole was big enough to fit a fist in, red rimmed and wide. She looked at Vi’s face and returned her smile, “Lucky I’m elastic.”

“Mmnnn yes,” replied Vi. She dropped the phone onto the bed and taking her Mom’s cheeks in her hands, slid her tongue into the Milf’s willing, wanton mouth. Helen returned the kiss, passionately; at times Vi was insatiable.

After a short while Helen broke the kiss. She looked briefly down at the strap-on, still dangling between her daughter’s legs, before looking up again at the teen. She smiled, “You want me to clean your dildo…” she paused, just long enough to ensure there was an emphasis on her next words, “with my slut mouth…”

“It is dirty,” agreed Vi. She moved to sit on the edge of the bed and opened her legs wide so Helen could kneel between them. She waited until her Mom was in position, before continuing, “A dirty cock for a dirty whore.”

“Uuurrmm,” agreed Helen. She would have said more, but she hadn’t wanted to waste time and the toy was already in her mouth. She sucked it back, pushing it into the side of her cheek and then pressing it back into Vi’s cunt. The teen gasped in pleasure and gripped Helen’s shoulders. The teen nipped at the Milf’s flesh as Helen both pushed the cock and sucked it clean. The sound of slurping mixed with the sound of rubber pushing into the soaked flesh of a teenage twat.

“You dirty cocksucker,” gasped Vi in appreciation. She gripped the back of Helen’s head and pushed the Milf forward. Helen sucked harder, moving the dildo round her cheeks and ramming her tongue against it. She looked up as Vi’s eyes fluttered and rolled in excited lust. The teen gasped again as the dildo was pushed into her G-spot. “Oh you fucking dirty cocksucking whore…” she groaned in appreciation.

Helen licked and lapped at the toy, excited by the pleasure it was giving her daughter and not minding the bitter taste. She sucked and swallowed, feeling the cock push at her mouth and seeing the juice seeping from Vi’s slit as the toy slammed into her cute cunt. Harder and harder Helen sucked until she could see Vi was shaking and moaning, “Oh God,” gasped the teen, “I’m cumming.”

She fell back, panting heavily. Helen wiped her lips and grinned; it felt so good to do things for Vi. She got up from her knees and gazed at her daughter; the teen was so sexy it took Helen’s breath away. She leant and ran a couple of fingers through the brunettes locks, “You are so gorgeous baby, I love you to bits.”

Vi grinned, but didn’t reply. Instead she began to unhook the strap-on, the rubber dong still glistening with Helen’s saliva. The older woman helped pull it off the teen, as she did so she eyed the taut body lustfully, yes thought Helen, even if Vi was incapable of saying ‘I love you’ the Milf was still a very lucky woman. And tomorrow she had to tell her Mirage was on the loose.

* * *

It had been late when Claire Bennett had returned. So late that even her Mom had gone to bed, the cookies she had left for her daughter were turning stale and the milk was warm. And Claire had been up early that day; Friday mornings meant cheerleading practice before class and Jackie Wilcox expected her squad in and ready to train as soon as the caretaker opened for the cleaners. So all in all it was a long day and Claire’s body was so tired that it actually ached.

Which made it all the more irritating that her mind was refusing to agree with the bodies diagnosis that they were tired. Instead it kept wanting to go over what had happened earlier that evening, how Claire Bennett had not only made out with a girl, but dropped to her knees in an alleyway and eaten her pussy. The moralistic, right and correct part of her brain was telling her she was disgusting; a whore, a slut and a freak. Unfortunately the more animalistic and sexual part of her brain was reminding her how much she had loved dipping her tongue in the twentysomething’s box and encouraging her to do it again.

That was the part of her brain that was winning. Claire looked at her alarm clock – five thirty in the morning and she still couldn’t sleep. For the fourth time Claire’s hand stole under her pyjamas to touch her pussy, once more and this time sleep would come afterwards. She slid the finger into her hole.

* * *

Matthew Felixstowe was bored. Twenty years ago he’d been a star quarterback in his college team, fucking the Prom Queen and voted most likely to succeed. He had happily waved goodbye to Wisconsin to head with the Prom Queen to make their fortunes in New York. Now that early promise had gone with his younger muscle, as had the Prom Queen, she was bearing her third kid and married to an Insurance Salesman. All that Matthew had to look forward to was his shrew of a wife (no Prom Queen she) and his five children, expensive brats all of them. At to make it worse all day the trappings of success and the glitz that went with it surrounded him. His friends down the bar, constantly claimed they were jealous of a man who was the worked in a jewellery stored frequented by the stars. But once you’d seen Demi Lovato being fitted for a necklace you realised she was no different from Scarlett Johansson trying on ear-rings; it wasn’t as if either of them were interested in an overweight, balding security guard who was the wrong side of forty.

Still, even his jaded appetite was impressed by the two women who came in: a tanned blonde in a catsuit and a cute black teenager dressed as a cheerleader. Matthew straightened himself up and tried to push back a strand of hair to make him seem less bald. Just because Demi Lovato wasn’t interested didn’t mean one of these cuties wasn’t – they might be nymphomaniacs turned on by uniforms. He straightened further as the black cheerleader walked towards him, or rather sauntered. Matthew raised his hand to his head in what he thought was a snappy greeting, “Good morning Ma’am.”

Chastity Church could lift her legs so high that the kick took Matthew on the nose. In the brief second before it connected he realised she wasn’t wearing panties. As he recuperated in hospital later, he would keep repeating to anyone who listen (except his wife) that it was so long since he’d seen pussy it was worth getting a broken nose for.

Even as the security guard was dropping, Mirage had pulled out a hand-gun to cover the staff, “Freeze – this is a stick up.”

Half a minute later she was on the motorbike, Chastity behind her. It was so easy concluded the blonde, the cheerleader was so under control she would do whatever she was told. And the little badge she wore with ‘McCain for President’ wasn’t a hint at her political affiliations, but an electronic scrambler – when the police did analyse the security tapes all they find was static. Gunning the motorbike Mirage rode off…

* * *

“Is that all?” asked Vi. She squeezed her naked Mom closer even as the Milf nodded. Vi smiled and gave her a tender kiss on the forehead.

“Yes,” replied Helen, she paused and continued, “I should have told you sooner, but I was scared how you’d react when you found Mirage was out.”

For a second Vi’s features seemed to darken, as they had done as her Mom had told her initially that the woman had escaped. But it was only for a second, and then the teen was back to smiling and caressing the her Mom as she lay next to her. She smiled and kissed her Mom gently again, this time on the tip of Helen’s nose. The teen drew back and looked lovingly at the woman in her arms, “I’m not happy; let’s not kid ourselves. I wanted Mirage to rot in jail, but if she’s out… well let Rick Dicker and his agents track her down.”

“You’re not cross then?” Helen’s voice was that of a scared little girl who had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

At first Vi paused as if she was considering the answer, before she smiled and shook her head, “No, I’m not cross. You kept it secret to try to protect me. You don’t need to though, no more secrets – I’m all grown up;” the teen grinned again and slid her hand under the covers to touch her Mom’s pussy, “And speaking of things that grown-ups do… where is that strap-on?”

As minutes later the dildo plunged into Helen’s wet slit, she had to agree that Vi was all grown-up.
_ _ _

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