Incredibles Pornography Story: oh ya

Incredibles Pornography Story: oh ya

Dash races home from school. He knew that if he hurried home he might be able to get a
peek at Violet in the shower. For about two months now he has been trying to catch
another glimpse of her getting out of the shower. He still remembered her perky boobs,
with her quarter inch long nipples. He started getting hard just thinking about it. He
imagined what it would be like to touch them, or dare he dream….suck on them.

As he entered the house he could still hear the shower running. ‘Yes I made it in time,’ he
thought. He dropped his bag near the couch and moved towards the bathroom. He didn’t
want to let her know he was home other wise she would turn invisible and he wouldn’t
get to see anything. He slowly and quietly turned the door knob. Then pushing the door
open without a sound he stepped into the room. It was humid from the hot water of the
shower which had caused the shower door to fog up.

Taking a deep breath he readied himself near the shower door. He grabbed the bar and
slid the door open. Before him stood his goddess of a sister. Her firm round butt, small
perky breasts with no sag. He stood there frozen as he drank in the sight before him.
Images aced through his head of what he wanted to do to her, one of the first being her
mouth around his stiff prick.

“You little PERVERT!” Violet screamed as she felt the cool air from outside the shower
hit her backside. A split second later she went invisible. She grabbed the door and slid it
shut. “Get out you creep!”

Dash had one of the biggest smiles of his life on his face at the moment as he walked out
of the bathroom in a dream like state. He walked back to his room, now came the part he
hated. Violet would tell their parents and he would be punished, but it was well worth it
he thought. He laid back on his bed and waited for dinner and his punishment.

Violet finished her shower and goes to her room to get dressed.. ‘Why is Dash so
obsessed with seeing me naked,’ she thought to herself. She examines herself in the
mirror. ‘My body isn’t even all that good looking. I wonder if he would just leave me
alone if I let him see me naked?’ As she thinks about this she starts to form a plan.

To Dash’s surprise his parents never mention anything about him being in trouble for
spying on his sister in the shower. ‘Did she not tell them? Why didn’t she tell them? Oh
no! She’s going to try and get back at me.’ Dash was in a panicked state all through
dinner. He hardly touched any of his food. He just couldn’t focus with all the thoughts
going through his head.

“Kids. There is something I need to tell you.” Bob finally broke the silence.

“What is it dad?” Violet asked.

“Your mother and I have been called for a very special presentation in Washington D.C.
We will be leaving shortly after dinner. Now I know you two will behave yourselves over
the weekend while we are gone. Right? Or do I need to call a baby sitter?”

“No! Not a baby sitter!” They chimed in unison.

“Good. Well we are taking Jack-jack with us. So you only have to take care of

After the dishes are done their parents pack some clothes and head out. They say their
goodbyes and leave. Dash heads straight to his room preparing for the worse. Violet
decides to put her plan into action. She starts to make her way to Dash’s room. When she
gets there she finds his door is locked. She knocks on the door.

“What do you want?” came Dash’s voice.

“I just want to talk.” She replies.

“Fine.” She hears him unlock the door. She turns the knob and opens the door. She glides
into the room. Dash is sitting on his bed staring at the floor. She steps in front of him.
Placing her hand on his face she tilts his head up so their eyes meet.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“Sorry for what?” she asked coyly.

“For looking at you naked in the shower. Thank you for not telling mom and dad this

“You know I should have…”

“Then why didn’t you?”

“Cause I wanted to make a deal with you, but it will have to be our secret.”

“What kind of deal?”

“Well I was thinking since you want to see me naked…I’ll let you…”

“Really?” he asked very excitedly.

“As long as I get to see you naked too.”


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