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Helen aka Elastigirl gets screwed right in her awesome caboose!

Incredibles Hentai Porn GIF

GIF Animation: Helen aka Elastigirl gets screwed right in her awesome caboose!
Current report features only hottest personages of Incredibles and gets them in all kinds of bizarre scenes… Shameless Helen puts on a show her bushy aching cock pit while getting fucked in the mouth and slamming her ass on a cock… Lusty bitch from Incredibles craves to take on this heaviest fuck load of her whole life!

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Incredibles Porn Story: Mother’s Love, Part 3

Incredibles Porn Story: Mother’s Love, Part 3

Helen laid face down on the bed, showing Violet how dry her panties were. Violet didn’t take this well. Thinking she had done something wrong, she looked at her mother, mystified. “Am… Am I not good enough, mom?” she asked, her voice quivering. “Why aren’t you wet?” This made her mother laugh. “Oh, hon,” She answered, her sweet ass bouncing as she giggled. “I’m an experienced woman. I can hold it in, save it for the right time. Maybe you could make me lose control…?” She asked seductively.
Violet stood over the bed, facing her mother from behind. She realized that she had no idea what to do next. She decided she would give it a go anyway. She moved round to the side of the bed and decided to start with a spanking. “Have you got a whip, or something I could use to make this easier?” Asked Violet. Helen almost seemed offended by this. “Violet, you’re inexperienced, you don’t know what’s best. I want you to hit me yourself.” She was meant to be the submissive one, but Helen seemed to still be commanding her daughter.
Violet decided that she could take matters into her own hands. She spanked her mother as hard as she could through those panties. Helen had not been expecting this. “JEESUSS!” She yelled. That really hurt! “Good!” answered Violet. “Because that’s what you get when you talk back to me!” Her mother was pleasantly surprised. “We’ll make a dom out of you yet, Vi.” She said. Violet took this in her stride. “Shut up, you bitch!” She said viciously. “My name is Miss Violet, and you will address me as such.” Violet spanked her mother again, this time even harder. This time, her mother lost it. Her quivering snatch gushed, making her panties wetter than they had ever been.
Violet looked on as her mother’s little sore, red butt writhed around on the sheets, which were also now wet. Helen was almost shocked. She didn’t think her daughter would be able to make her wet, at least, not this quickly. And her daughter seemed to be enjoying being the dominant one. Maybe Helen had brought out her inner sadist. Violet was surprising herself as well, but couldn’t let it show. “Stand up, you bitch,” She told Helen. Helen was stunned that her daughter had made her into her bitch, but she enjoyed it. She stood up. “As you say, Miss Violet.”
Violet was enjoying the power she had. “Tut, tut, tut. Look at those panties! Soaking wet.” She said, shaking her head disapprovingly. “Take them off, whore.” She demanded. Helen decided she would see how far she could push Violet. “Mistress Violet…” She replied, her voice appearing to shake. “I don’t know if it would be right..” This pushed Violet right over the edge. She slapped Helen hard on the face. “You little slut! Take them off!” She shouted angrily. As Helen bent down to remove them, she started fake sobbing. Secretly, she was enjoying it more than any sexual encounter she had ever had before.
Mistress Violet was somewhat shaken by her mother’s cries. She didn’t know they were fake. “I-I need a time out for a sec.” She said. Her Mother was somewhat disappointed, but decided it was probably best. “Okay, baby. I know it’s your first time.” Violet ran quickly into her mother’s ensuite bathroom. Helen followed her in a minute later, and found Violet sitting against the wall, crying. “Oh, baby,” Helen said as she put her arm around her daughter to comfort her. “You don’t have to be upset. Whatever you do to me, I assure you, I take pleasure from it.”
Violet stopped crying. “You mean… you enjoyed it when I was a bitch?” She asked. “Of course I did!” Replied Helen. “More than anything else. You’re an incredible dominatrix. Now, I believe I have something you’ve never seen before.” Violet was intrigued. “What is it?” She asked. Helen smiled. “It’s my cunt.” She answered. “You have to see another girl’s cunny.” Violet leant down and looked at her mother’s pussy. Despite all the stuffing it must have received, it still looked warm, wet, and juicy. There was, however, a lot of pubic hair around it. “Oh dear!” Exclaimed Helen. “I’ve forgotten to shave! Want to shave it for me, vi?”
Five minutes later….
The last of the hair had been shaved off. Violet gazed in awe at her mother’s shaven sex. She had never seen the like of it. She wanted to lick it, but she could wait until later. She had another thing to do. “Vi? Do me a favour before we go back to the bedroom?” Asked Helen. “Sure, mom.” Answered Violet. “Try this on,” Said Helen, undoing her bra and handing it to her daughter. It fit her quite well. “Why did you need me to do that?” Asked Violet, as she handed it back to her mother. “I want you to wear my stuff.” Answered Helen. “Go into my closet, and don’t come out until you look like a dominating bitch.” She said, putting her bra back on.
In the bedroom, Helen Handcuffed herself to the four bedposts with her stretching power. She waited nervously for her mistress. Just then, she gasped in amazement as her daughter emerged from the walk-in closet wearing the sexiest dom outfit she had ever seen. Mistress Violet was wearing a Golden metal bra and matching panties, and carrying a huge black whip. Her 8-inch golden thigh-high heeled boots made her look like an even bigger bitch than she had been earlier. She smirked at Helen. “Now the fun begins, my little whore…”
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Incredibles Porn Story: Violet and Dashe’s secret 4 (final)

Incredibles Porn Story: Violet and Dashe’s secret 4 (final)

“The flower that blooms with beauty will wither away if not preserved in love” -Billygoat

As they stepped out of the shower violet grabbed a towel and started to dry Dash off. Hey violet? Yeah Dash. Did we just have sex? Hearing this turned violets face a bright red. Well technically no. You see Dash sex is when.. It’s.. Ehhh Hard to explain. Just go watch a porno or something.
What’s a porno?
Ehh just go in dads closet and, zipppp!
damit Dash at least get dressed first!
It was not long until Dash had found the “stash” he began to watch one of the DvDs
He was surprised at how big the guys were compared to him. He thought maybe that was why violet didn’t scream like the girls in the movie.
Dash turned it off and went to his room.
The next day violet began looking for dash
She had not seen him sense he ran off the day before.
She went to his bedroom door.
Hey Dash you in there?
She opened the door and there he was, curled up on his bed fast asleep. She could tell he fell asleep crying.
She sat down next to him and began brushing his hair.
Yes Dash.
Do you love me?
Even though I’m just a small kid.
It doesn’t mater Dash I will always love you, more than a sister should.
Dash sat up and hugged her.
Violet don’t ever leave me alone!
His voice was muffled by her chest.
I promise Dash I will never leave you alone.
She brushed his face and as he looked into her eyes she kissed him.
Dash, I want you to have me.
Dash I want you to take my virginity.
Because your the only one who has ever loved me.
I will always love you violet.
She stood up and began to undress. She pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it to the flo… Dash! You already naked.
Yeah I wanted to watch you.
I swear your too cute.
She shimmied out of her jeans leaving her In nothing but her underwear.
She unclasped her bra and let it slip off reviling her petite breasts. She then slipped her panties of and as they fell to the floor Dash was overwhelmed by a feeling of pure love at the sight of his sister, the one he loved, smile.
She then laid down on the bed while in the same motion sweeping up Dash into an embrace.
Ok Dash do it.
Dash spread her legs ,and while gazing deep into her eyes, slowly pressed himself against her.
It won’t go in Violet.
Just press harder Dash.
He pushed harder and he slipped in about an inch but could go no further because something was stoping him.
The look of Violets face showed her pain.
Violet should I stop?
No Dash we have to do this.
He pressed on and suddenly he slipped in.
Violet are you ok.
She did not reply as her eyes filled with tears.
Dash looked down to see a thick flow of blood coming out of Violet.
Violet I’m sorry!
No don’t be Dash it’s ok.
D.. Do …. Do I stop?
Just give me a minute.
Her breathing began to slow and her tears stopped.
Ok Dash I’m ready.
he began to slide in and out slowly gaining speed as violet began to breath harder.
He began to increase his speed beyond normal capacity.
No Dash, I want it to last.
He slowed down.
Her face was turning Bright red and she grabbed on to him in a powerful embrace.
She began to feel warmer and started to moan.
Than all of a sudden she was gone, and than back. She began to scream as her powers fluctuated with her pleasure.
Soon every thing was invisible except for Dash.
He seemed to just be floating there.
He could see himself inside her.
He could feel her breath quicken as her grasp on his penis tighten.
She screamed!
Dash finish with me, inside of me!
The whole world seemed to disappear as they climaxed.
Dash saw his sperm shoot deep into Violet as her body griped his penis.
He was panting and sweating, trying to catch his breath when he heard the car door shut.
Oh my god! Dash Violet what the hell are you doing!
The world came crashing down on them and everything became visible.
That night would never be forgotten.
Dash was fiercely cursed but most of the blame was on violet.
You little tramp! Why the he’ll would you do that with your own….
Dash drowned out the yelling with his own cries.
He stopped for a moment to hear the door slam.
Yeah leave you fucking mistake and don’t come back.
When he finally built the courage to sneak out he saw his parent at the dining table, both heavily drinking.
Bob what are we gona do.
I suppose will have to send violet away assuming she comes back.
Dash knew he had to find violet.
He snuck out his window and began searching all over the city. He searched for hours running as fast as he could.
But he could not find her.
Than he herd it, a sound of pain itself, the crying of the dead.
It was coming from the overlook at the edge of the city.
When he got there he could see violet standing on it’s edge.
Forgive me dash, I can’t keep my promise.
She stepped forward falling of the ledge.
Dash ran to the ledge and jumped.
The last thing violet experienced was the warm embrace of Dash as he said his last words.
I love you my flower.

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Mirage is nude and ready for some very special briefing…

The Incredibles Elastigirl Hentai

Hentai Picture: Mirage is nude and ready for some very special briefing…
Incidentally, isn’t it a Incredibles roll in the hay I can see on a pic? Mirage takes a dick balls deep in her mouth, spreads her butt cheeks for a dick and feels her tight butthole expand with hot cum… Incredibles gives you undeniable access to safe and improved sex for every citizen and including the ladies.

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It’s outstanding when Violet using her powers to make her clothes to vanish!

Free Incredibles Violet Hentai Videos

It’s outstanding when Violet using her powers to make her clothes to vanish!
Incredibles fellas start doing it again with new series of dirty porn cartoon that go mad for each other and for their fuzzy dreams… Watch those sweet babes from Incredibles porn toon being undressed – they haven’t been spotted like that before!! Violet Those and heroes are way too frivolous with lots of revealing scenes that just start, no need to tell what happens next.

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